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Lito's Song
by Nikos Moraitis - Christos Papageorgiou

Lito's Song

A greek contemporary song cycle for voice and piano "Lito's Song" based on Lito Katakouzenos' autobiographical book "Angelos Katakouzenos, my Valis"

"The Visitors" is the 6th of the 7 poems by Nikos Moraitis set in music by Christos Papageorgiou and its current video takes place at Katakouzenos' apartment, the actual place that the song refers to.


The Katakouzenos house functioned since 1960 as a literary salon; its rooms have hosted many visitors of international fame, mainly artists but also writers and poets; it also contains a representative collection of works by the most important artists of the so-called Hellenic “1930s generation”, and by many international artists, too. The song Visitors is dedicated to these great figures of that era.


Many thanks to Katakouzenos Home Museum for hosting our video! For more info please visit


"Your eyes are the island of Mytilene"


Katia Paschou as Lito Katakouzenos

Apostolos Palios, piano

lyrics: Nikos Moraitis

music: Christos Papageorgiou

artistic supervision: Paris Mexis

photos: George Skitzakos

graphic design: Nicholas Faraklas

new music video: 

"Your eyes are the island of Mytilene" 

by film director Socrates Alafouzos

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