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The Katia Paschou Project 

In 2015 Katia Paschou designed a training program “The Katia Paschou Project” (KPP) for classically trained young artists, singer and musicians, to explore and create her own method, in which the artists consciously reach the level to perform through the “Inner observer”.


Within a six month program the young artists have the opportunity to experience music

through basic music & performance coaching sessions as well as through seminars on different

art forms such as art, acting, movement, interactive drama games and marketing & business coaching in order to refine their artistry and discover their own artistic blue print. 

During the program the young artists have also the opportunity for stage experience as performers/actors and soloist singers/musicians; under the guidance of Katia Paschou the members of  the program have given a series of concerts at the Theocharakis Foundation on classical repertoire and contemporary works and have collaborated with prominent artists of all art forms while having as goal to bring classical music closer to broad and young  audiences

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